15+ Best YouTube Alternatives in 2024

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If you are looking for the best YouTube alternative, then take a look at our top picks. This list isn’t ranked, it is a simple overview of sites and apps similar to YouTube that you may find interesting.


Best for


Premium video creators and viewers worldwide

Only for premium creators who have sellable video content

A wide range of content and easy searching

Small audience;
Lots of ads

4K resolution and live-streaming capabilities

Max video size is 500 MB;
No income for content creators

The best alternatives to YouTube

Best for: Premium video creators and viewers worldwide

Average monthly visits: 26.8 thousand

Highest video quality: 4K Ultra HD

Ad-free: yes

GUDSHO is a popular YouTube alternative platform for premium content creators and video-driven businesses where they can monetize their videos with 5+ revenue models such as subscriptions, pay-per-view, ads, bulk video series, and donations.

Unlike YouTube, which takes a share of your profits, GUDSHO focuses on assisting creators and video-centric brands with maximum returns for their efforts. Also, there are no restrictions on becoming eligible to monetize your videos; you can start earning from day one.


  • Unlimited video hosting
  • 4K live streaming
  • Advanced video CMS
  • Video platform API
  • 5+ monetization models


  • Customized Email templates
  • Create personalized CTAs to get more people to take action
  • Earn 5x revenue from premium videos


  • Only for premium creators who have sellable video content

Best for: A wide range of content and easy searching

Average monthly visits: 121 million

Highest video quality: 4K (Premium)

Ad-free: No

Dailymotion is a YouTube alternative website that has a wide selection of video content. Upon visiting the website, you will notice that you can either search for particular videos or explore several playlists curated by the Dailymotion team. Videos are also categorized around popular topics, so you can quickly identify what is taking up much of the conversation every day. In addition, on Dailymotion, you can follow channels so that you start getting more personalized content. Whether you are interested in sports, news, or even romantic movies, you are sure to find them on Dailymotion.

If you find the amount of content on YouTube overwhelming, Dailymotion might be one of the best places to try as a new distribution platform for your videos. You'll have a better chance of them being viewed and shared by the audience. Dailymotion also excels at embedding videos. It is a better option for webpage owners to implement videos on their sites.


  • Support for HD video uploads of up to 2 GB and 60 minutes in length

  • 4K video uploads and playback


  • Unlimited video uploads for free

  • Sleek video player integrated

  • Making money from advertisements


  • Ads on all videos, including non-partner channels

  • Much smaller audience than YouTube

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Best for: 4K resolution and live-streaming capabilities

Average monthly visits: 9.5 million

Highest video quality: 8K

Ad-free: Yes

Vimeo is an older, yet classic video website that is similar to YouTube. You can view any type of video on Vimeo, from live streams of influencers to a satirical version of a popular video on YouTube. On the creator side, however, Vimeo provides some additional features. The company prides itself on helping creators with video collaboration, video distribution, and video creation. With Vimeo, creators can take advantage of a fast, customizable ad-free video player and additional streaming options. You can even control who sees your videos with advanced privacy controls.

Vimeo community of professional creatives is ideal if you are a beginning videographer looking for new audiences. On this platform, it may be simpler to obtain momentum and views without a following because the audience is smaller and more concentrated. Whether you are a creator or viewer, Vimeo can be a compelling alternative to YouTube.


  • 4K video uploads and playback support

  • Fully customizable embeds



  • The free plan has a weekly upload restriction of 500 MB

  • For creators, there is no potential for ad money

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Best for: Creators with a knack for data-driven marketing

Average monthly visits: 9.7 thousand

Highest video quality: 8K

Ad-free: Yes

For content makers with significant digital marketing abilities, SproutVideo is an ideal YouTube alternative. For each page on your website, you have total freedom over customizing and creating individual video players. This ensures that the embedded video does not detract from, but rather enhances, your design.

With customizable lead forms, you can capture leads right from your video player. API interfaces allow you to send leads directly to your chosen autoresponder or CRM. It works with MailChimp, Hubspot, Zapier, and a slew of other third-party apps.


  • Playback in 4K UltraHD

  • Creating distinct video players for each page

  • Advanced analytics and geotracking


  • After watching a video, use personalized CTAs to get more people to take action

  • With corporate plans, you may set a geolimitation


  • Complex

  • Extra monthly payments for bandwidth beyond 500 GB.

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Best for: Watching movies and shows

Average monthly visits: 98.8 thousand

Highest video quality: 1080p

Ad-free: Yes

Veoh is another YouTube alternative that contains a wide range of video content. The website is separated into videos, movies, music, channels, and groups. With Veoh, you also can create your own playlists and easily view some of the Veoh team’s picks. And as with any video platform, you can easily upload your videos to Veoh.


  • A large film and television library


  • Simple to navigate


  • The library is disorganized

Go to Veoh

Best for: Entertainment

Average monthly visits: 11.5 thousand

Highest video quality: 360p

Ad-free: Yes

9GAG TV is an online video platform and social media website that hosts a wide range of user-generated content. Like other video content websites, 9GAG TV allows users to search for particular videos. The website is also organized by sections, which include sections like sport, Star Wars, WTF, and dark humor. Finally, 9GAG contains hot, trending, and fresh sections, so you can easily discover what people are talking about.


  • Convenient search

  • Categorized content


  • Great place for making short videos


  • Anything but short funny clips doesn’t do well here

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Best for: Creators looking for more personal experience with their audience

Average monthly visits: 10.6 thousand

Highest video quality: 1080p

Ad-free: Yes

Utreon gives content producers more sophisticated tools, focuses on novel features, and improves community interaction. While all of these features are appealing, the Utreon platform's commitment to privacy may be the most compelling factor for content makers. For example, they don't sell user information under any circumstances. Their privacy policy is chock-full of perks for users.


  • Privacy rules are stricter than on some other sites

  • Creators may import existing material with a few clicks


  • Genuine fan-to-creator interaction


  • Because of the early development stage, some functions are lacking

  • Response times are slower due to the small-sized team

  • There are still some glitches to iron out on the platform

Go to Utreon

Best for: Partner program for creators

Average monthly visits: 76.6 million

Highest video quality: 4K

Ad-free: No

Twitch is one of the video apps like YouTube that focuses on video gaming. If you are really passionate about video games and want to entertain people with your playing, Twitch is for you. It is one of the largest live-streaming platforms out there, and it has grown beyond only games. Music, performances, hobbies, and other forms of entertainment have their audience on Twitch.

However, this platform has one major drawback – its politics. If Twitch finds whatever you do or say controversial or not fitting ever-changing requirements, it might quickly ban you. But the benefits make it worthy of the risk. Just consider having a platform you can retreat to.


  • An e-sports and video game live-streaming portal


  • Social sharing service

  • A program for affiliates


  • Being banned from Twitch doesn't take much

Go to Twitch

Best for: Trending videos based on your preferences

Average monthly visits: 1.1 million

Highest video quality: 1080p

Ad-free: No

Over the last few years, Facebook has increased its focus on video, which has led to the release of Facebook Watch. It is a service that allows you to browse and watch popular videos based on your interests and watching history. Although the interface is distinct from YouTube, the content and viewership frequently overlap. Facebook has become a full-fledged rival in the video hosting/sharing space in many respects.

Businesses may use Facebook as a sandbox to reach new audiences with their video marketing initiatives. Because Facebook's business model is based on advertising, successful artists get a cut of the profits and can sustain themselves.


  • Supports files up to 10 GB in size and 4 hours in length

  • Custom audiences for remarketing campaigns

  • Live-streaming


  • A greater potential audience and reach than at YouTube

  • Facebook's native video sharing

  • Ads can be used to make money


  • The maximum resolution is 1080p

  • Embeds that are clumsy

Go to Facebook Watch

Best for: Anyone who prefers working with short-form videos

Average monthly visits: 2.5 billion

Highest video quality: 1200p

Ad-free: No

Another social media network that is going all-in on video is Twitter. They started Twitter Live almost three years ago and have been covering sports events on a regular basis since then. Above all that, anyone on Twitter may upload and share videos, as well as start a live stream. If you can fit your ideas in a video that’s a few seconds long, Twitter could be a great location to try out your material. “Short and snappy” pays off here.


  • Native video sharing on Twitter

  • Live-streaming


  • Low-resolution videos can do well


  • Video length is limited to 140 seconds

  • The highest resolution available is 1200p

Go to Twitter Videos

Best for: Creators of content for younger audiences

Average monthly visits: 1.7 billion

Highest video quality: 1080p

Ad-free: No

Instagram's video-sharing tool, IGTV, is developed entirely for mobile devices. It was released in 2018, and it is more of a spiritual successor to Vine. But it doesn't rule out the possibility of it becoming a viable option for creators and businesses who are struggling to gain momentum on YouTube.

Through unstructured mobile video, it may be a wonderful tool for developing deeper interactions with your audience. You get an up-close and intimate encounter with the video makers when full mobile portrait video is the standard.


  • Instagram native video sharing

  • Full support for native mobile video formats


  • Low-resolution videos can do well


  • Video length is limited for normal accounts

  • Accessible via application only

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Best for: Marketers that want to make better use of on-site video

Average monthly visits: 82.2 thousand

Highest video quality: 4K

Ad-free: No

Wistia is a video hosting platform for professionals that may help you incorporate video into your other marketing initiatives. It includes features such as thorough video analytics, in-video lead collection forms, and marketing automation tool connectors.

Assume you're already utilizing analytics, CRM, or other business tools, and you're planning and improving your marketing campaigns based on data. It will be totally up your alley in that scenario.


  • Support for 4K video and data up to 8 GB

  • Email and other data may be synced with autoresponders and CRMs


  • Customizing embeds

  • Using Facebook advertisements to create specialized audiences

  • Using the video player to capture leads


  • Quite pricey

  • Not for general audience

Go to Wistia

Best for: Organizing videos and gathering audience data

Average monthly visits: 79.3 thousand

Highest video quality: 8K

Ad-free: No

Brightcove is the most popular online video platform for businesses with many locations. Over half of the Fortune 500 businesses are currently clients, according to its website. Brightcove goes beyond video hosting and live-streaming to take things to the next level. OTT technology may be used to offer live video to smartphones and smart TV apps.

It allows publishers to inject server-side ads into their hosted movies. You may use it in conjunction with a DSP to sell ad spots directly to your customers. Real-time video analytics allow you to see how your customers and prospects engage with your website's videos.


  • Collaboration tools increase the quality of the final video

  • Real-time analytics provide you with new information

  • UltraHD and 8K resolution support


  • Videos that are integrated into applications and websites

  • Audiences are being built based on video interactions


  • Costly subscription

  • Clunky interface

Go to Brightcove

Best for: Content creators interested in a unique system of rewards

Average monthly visits: 332 thousand

Highest video quality: 720p

Ad-free: No

Odysee is intriguing since it is totally based on the LBRY blockchain architecture. Anyone may create YouTube-like apps that interact with digital information on the network using this relatively new technology. LBRY is the parent company of Odysee, which is why the two names are frequently used combined. It also refers to the blockchain protocol that Odysee employs.

Yes, you may utilize your Odysee account to post videos for digital marketing and other commercial purposes. However, if you know how to code an app that uses the protocol, you can do some amazing things.


  • Using the platform to earn cryptocurrencies

  • You have complete control over the price of your stuff


  • Publishing video, audio, and documents alike


  • The platform might be buggy at times

  • Users frequently auto-post from YouTube, making it more difficult to grow your following

Go to Odysee

Best for: Watching movies and TV shows

Average monthly visits: 561 thousand

Highest video quality: 1080p

Ad-free: No

Sony Crackle is a video platform that contains original Sony content, along with content that has been acquired from other companies. Sony Crackle features programming in genres like action, comedy, crime, drama, and horror. Compared to other platforms, Sony Crackle contains less user-generated content and more “professional” content.

In comparison to YouTube, which charges a fee for similar content, the majority of the shows are free. Crackle also contains older and legendary shows that aren't available on YouTube.


  • Exclusive content from Sony


  • The majority of videos are available for free


  • There isn't a lot of user-generated material

Go to Sony Crackle

Best for: Blockchain and free speech enthusiasts

Average monthly visits: 12.5 thousand

Highest video quality: 4K

Ad-free: Yes

DTube is a peer-to-peer video sharing platform that utilizes blockchain technology. Because of the decentralized method, there's less chance of your movie being interrupted by server disruptions. All video makers may receive DTube's cryptocurrency for popular videos, and the network encourages free expression and opposes YouTube's AI-based filtering.


  • Cryptocurrency earning


  • Complete freedom of content


  • The audience is rather small

  • There are reported issues with the uploading process

Go to DTube

Why look for a platform similar to YouTube?

Unfortunately, it's very hard to prevent video streaming companies from monitoring users. They all employ cookies to collect data for marketing reasons or collect aggregated data to “better their services.” Some of them also share that information with their partners, and practically all of them will disclose your information in “special circumstances,” such as to combat fraud or when law enforcement authorities demand it.

Why should you bother looking for sites similar to YouTube when Google does it as well?

Firstly, you're providing Google with even more information, resulting in a more accurate “user profile.” The aforementioned options may show you adverts, but they won't have much more than what you provide them with your profile.

Secondly, the audience may become trapped in a “filter bubble.” Google believes it understands what people want and provides them with search results that are tailored to their profiles and interests. Anything else is left outside this “filter bubble.” Which is why you might want to try finding new audiences on the platforms without the presence of Google algorithms.

And thirdly, an effort to broaden your horizons is also a good reason. YouTube does not have all of the high-quality videos accessible on the Internet, nor should it. There are a lot of sites like YouTube, but better in some aspects. People often go elsewhere to find content that is not restricted by its politics and business practices. Maybe they are the audience you are looking for?

Can YouTube be replaced?

YouTube is the most well-known internet video platform available. Every month, over 2 billion logged-in users visit the site, and billions of hours of video are watched by the company's worldwide audience. As a result, the solutions on our list are unlikely to totally replace YouTube in the near future, both in terms of market and viewership. So, is there an alternative to YouTube? Not really, but some platforms beat it in certain aspects.

If you don't already have a YouTube channel, it could be worth your time to look into another choice for your video approach. There are wonderful YouTube alternative sites that you can use to reach a new audience or incorporate it into your website to convert visitors to leads.

What are the biggest YouTube-similar companies?

Netflix, Hulu, and Vimeo are YouTube's main competitors now that it is streaming movies and series. Vimeo's 150 million producers and 1.24 million subscribers, however, pale in comparison to YouTube's 2 billion registered users and $15 billion in advertising income.

Some YouTube-similar companies may not have as many users or produce as much money as YouTube, but they can provide you with greater privacy, unique content, and a more focused community of like-minded individuals.

How to choose among the apps like YouTube

So, here are a few things to look after as a viewer, while deciding what is the best alternative to YouTube for you:

  • Ads: Most video sharing platforms use ads in one form or another. Choose the website without annoying pre-roll and mid-roll ads that interrupt the video.

  • Privacy policy: It’s always worth checking whether a video hosting website collects and shares any user data and what data it is.

  • Variety of content: If the platform isn’t popular, the number of content creators and therefore the variety of content presented on the website may be limited.

If you are a content creator, then you have to consider the following:

  • Community management: To build and grow a following, you need easy access to interaction with your subscribers.

  • Monetization: If making content is your career, then the platform should provide a source of income, like ads or donations.

  • Video quality: Make sure that the videos you make look well within the technical limitations of the platform.


As you can see, each platform correlates to a distinct use case, target audience, marketing approach, and budget. That's why the best YouTube alternative is one that aligns with your company's goals, your audience's expectations, and the video marketing plan milestones you want to achieve.

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